About us

National Voices is the leading coalition of health and social care charities in England. We work together to strengthen the voice of patients, service users, carers, their families and the voluntary organisations that work for them. We have more than 160 members covering a diverse range of health conditions and communities, connecting us with the experiences of millions of people.

Our mission: person-centred care

We want person-centred care: people having as much control and influence as possible over decisions that affect their own health and care – as patients, carers and members of communities. We want people to be partners in the design of services and partners in research, innovation and improvement. 

Our work

We help people and organisations to gain the knowledge, understanding, skills and confidence they need to engage more effectively and to make their approaches more person-centred.

We have expertise in what matters to people relating to health and care, how to involve people, and how to work with the Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise sector.

Our work falls into three streams:

  • Supporting national policy and system design
  • Supporting the vital role that the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise sector plays in health and care
  • Supporting the adoption and spread of person-centred approaches