“All roads lead to the hospital and the hospital cannot cope”

Fri, 16 December 2016

The Nuffield Trust has analysed NHS bed occupancy rates last winter and found alarmingly high pressure on hospitals.

Responding to the analysis, Andrew McCracken from National Voices, the coalition of charities, said:

All roads lead to the hospital and the hospital cannot cope – the model needs to change.

Demand for care is rising and services are stretched ever more thinly; it is clear that the NHS needs increased funding.

We need quicker progress in creating adequate support in the community. That means preventive support, better care planning, supporting people to manage their conditions, and care provided at home.

The chronic underfunding of social care and public health has been extremely damaging. The increased social care precept does not go far enough in tackling the social care crisis and further entrenches inequalities as some areas are able to raise more through council tax.

Until there is proper alternative provision in the community it makes no sense to cut bed numbers.

For further information contact Andrew McCracken on 020 3176 0737 or andrew.mccracken@nationalvoices.org.uk.