Engagement and funding key to delivering much needed change

Tue, 21 February 2017

National Voices responds to a new report from the King’s Fund which calls on the Government to be prepared to back radical changes to health services being proposed in Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs).

Commenting on the report, Jeremy Taylor, chief executive of National Voices, the coalition of health and care charities, said:

More than 70% of the NHS budget is spent on people with at least one long-term condition. This is a severe challenge to a system originally set up to provide reactive care for spells of illness. People are being failed by an NHS not set up to meet their needs, resulting in worse health and higher demand for hospital services, as seen over recent weeks and months.

The current situation is not acceptable or tenable.

The STP process is not without flaws, but it has the potential to create sustainable health and care services that meet twenty-first century needs. This will only work if there is proper engagement of the people who rely on NHS and social care services, and adequate funding to deliver the much needed changes.

The King's Fund report 'Delivering sustainability and transformation plans' can be downloaded from the King's Fund website.

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