Health Committee calls for improved approach to integrating care

Mon, 11 June 2018

National Voices responds to the House of Commons Health and Social Care Committee’s report on integrated care.

The House of Commons Health and Social Care Committee has published the report of their Inquiry into integrated care.

Amongst other things, the Committee recommends ring-fenced funding to transform care, a national transformation strategy, and legislation to overcome fragmentation and legal barriers arising out of the Health and Social Care Act2012.

The Committee also makes clear that the purpose of integration is to provide a more holistic, joined-up and coordinated experience for patients. The report calls on the Department of Health and Social Care, NHS England and NHS Improvement to clearly define the outcomes the current moves towards integrated care are seeking to achieve for patients, from the patient’s perspective.

Don Redding, Director of Policy at National Voices, outlined the importance of integration when he gave oral evidence to the Committee:

Patients and the public want to feel that their care is co-ordinated, that the professionals and services they meet join up around them, that they are known where they go, that they do not have to explain themselves every single time, and, therefore, that their records are available and visible.

Commenting on the Committee’s final report, Don said:

“The Committee has done the public a service by insisting that the whole system gets out of its acronym soup to focus now – and always – on creating benefits for the increasing numbers of people who need coordinated care.

That means overhauling the outcomes by which integration is measured, and ring-fencing new transformation money to achieve the outcomes important to people.

Integration has never been about privatisation. It has been about people versus structures. The Committee insists the people must win.

Download a copy of the full report form the House of Commons website.

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