National Voices Mentoring Scheme: Share your thoughts

Wed, 30 August 2017

We are looking to launch a mentoring scheme for our member organisations and want to hear your opinions.

As part of our role as a connector between our members, we are examining the feasibility of starting a mentoring scheme.

We would need a critical mass of both mentors and mentees from our member organisations to get started, and envisage a loose arrangement whereby we would make an introduction and leave it to those involved to set a goal and see it through. That goal may vary from a one-off meeting over coffee, to a longer-term commitment to meet several times over the course of some months.

For now, we are seeking your input on whether you would like us to start a mentoring scheme, any examples of other schemes you are aware of that work well, the level of coordination you would like from us, and expressions of interest in taking part as either a mentor and mentee.

Please send any comments, ideas, examples etc. to Michael.