National Voices responds to Budget 2017

Wed, 8 March 2017

National Voices responds to Budget 2017

The Chancellor has announced an additional £2bn of funding over the next three years to support the struggling social care system, along with measures to support health and care transformation.

Commenting, Andrew McCracken from National Voices, the coalition of health and care charities, said:

Today’s announcements will buy some time for the social care system. They are not a long-term fix; that nettle still needs to be grasped.

The current situation remains unacceptable and untenable. We are faced with a long foreseen structural crisis based on a failure to order services around people’s chronic care needs.

There needs to be a long-term solution which prioritises community-based care. As well as social care, that means investing in prevention, building the primary and community care workforce and enabling funding for the voluntary and community sector.

We look forward to the Government’s planned Green Paper on social care funding. Failure to tackle this will continue to sell people short on their health and wellbeing, and will further crush the care system with rising emergency demand.

We welcome the Government’s reaffirmed support for the Five Year Forward View plan to transform health and care services, and the Chancellor’s recognition that making vital changes requires additional funding.

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