National Voices responds to CQC review of deaths

Tue, 13 December 2016

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has conducted a review of NHS Trusts’ approaches to investigating patient deaths. The review finds that no trust was able to demonstrate good practice across all aspects of identifying, reviewing and investigating deaths and ensuring that learning is implemented. 

Commenting on the CQC review, Andrew McCracken from National Voices, the coalition of charities, said:

We put our faith in the NHS to protect us from ill health. When it is not able to do so, we rightly expect to be given the full truth and for lessons to be learnt. Today we see that this is not the case in many NHS Trusts.

NHS trusts are legally required to be open and honest with families and carers when a patient dies whilst in their care. This review finds that many trusts are flouting their legal duty.

As one of the organisations that strongly backed the introduction of the legal duty of candour, we are very concerned that it is not being implemented. Openness with families is essential and we would like to see regulators take a strong approach to enforcing the duty.

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