National Voices responds to CQC State of Care report

Tue, 10 October 2017

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has published its latest State of Care report assessing the overall standard of health and care services, and highlighting the challenges they face.

Commenting on the report, Andrew McCracken from National Voices, the coalition of 160 health and care charities, said:

The way services provide care is outdated and often fails people with long term conditions, despite the fact they account for 70% of NHS spending. Our own analysis shows that only 3% of GP patients with a long term condition said they had a care plan.

People’s needs don’t neatly fall into organisational boxes. Services must be better coordinated. Patients and the public can help; We know that involving communities in the design of local services can lead to substantial improvements in quality.

Health and social care must be treated as a whole, recognising that the NHS, social care, and public health are mutually dependent. Publication of the Government’s plans on social care funding have been delayed until 2018, but today’s warning from the CQC makes it very clear that the issue cannot be kicked down the road.

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