National Voices welcomes revolutionary patient record programme

Sat, 1 April 2017

National Voices welcomes proposals from NHS England for a revolutionary new patient record initiative, the supported shelf management programme.

For too long patient records have been stored inefficiently, firstly in cumbersome trollies and dusty archives, and latterly in complex computer programmes that few people can understand. This new initiative will put sturdy, sensible shelving within reach of professionals and patients around the country, in hospitals, community settings and their own homes.

Commenting, Jeremy Taylor, National Voices’ Chief Executive, said:

It’s high time people using health and care services had somewhere safe to keep their records. Yet this initiative can’t be a success on its own, it needs to be considered in line with a system-wide equipment change programmes such as NHS Furniture’s Chair and Support Planning Guidance. As evidenced by the bookcase studies in the report, supported shelving can make such a huge difference to those who need it most.

National Voices’ Data Management Consultant, Phil Ling-Cabernet, pointed to the range of benefits that supported shelf management can offer, commenting:

This £8Bn initiative will reduce risk, drive down costs, join up data and most importantly put patients firmly in control of their own records, giving them a convenient place to store them.

The supported shelf management programme has been co-produced with a range of statutory and voluntary sector partners including the Department of Administrative Affairs, Public Shelf England and the Shelf Foundation.

A spokesman for NHS England Chief Executive, Simon Stevens, added that he thinks “it’s a great Ikea”, while health commentator Roy Lilley was reported to be left speechless by today’s announcement.

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Published 1 April 2017.

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