New Trustee- Akiko Hart

Tue, 10 December 2019

Akiko Hart- New Trustee Q/A

1) What is your role, and what does your organisation do?

I've been appointed Chief Executive of NSUN, the National Survivor User Network. We are a network of people and groups living in England who have and do experience mental distress and want to change things for the better. By connecting our members, and amplifying their experiences and aspirations, we influence policy, practice and perception, in order to reduce disadvantage and discrimination and stop people being ignored and isolated.

2) What is your expertise you bring to the board?

I am on a couple of other Boards- I'm the Chair of ISPS UK, which advocates for social and psychological perspectives to psychosis, and I'm also on the Board of Hearing Voices Network England. I have experience in governance,  fundraising/income generation and event/conference organisation. I'm also involved in mental health activism, most recently around the Mental Health Act Review.

3) What do you value about National Voices

It's vital that patient and user voices are amplified at a policy level: doing this through National Voices, as part of a wider coalition, enables members to have a greater impact and learn from others. I also value National Voice's mission to implement person-centred approaches throughout the health and care systems.

4) What do you hope we will achieve together in 2020

I hope to work with and learn from members in the wider health and care sector, as well as highlight the specific challenges which mental health service users face.

5) One thing about you that isn’t about your job 

I have grand ambitions to teach myself how to quilt, but I spend most of my time off catching up with sleep.


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