Wellbeing Our Way launches new Timebank!

Tue, 21 February 2017

We’re excited to introduce Wellbeing Our Way’s new organisational timebank.
Wellbeing Our Way’s timebank is an opportunity to share your skills with others and receive their help in return. Every contribution is equal – one hour shared can be swapped for an hour in return.
You’re free to be as creative as you like with what you offer; perhaps you have an underused meeting room, experience of impact measurement, or a keen eye for graphic design. Whatever it is, please list it on the timebank and look out for something useful in return!
All members of Wellbeing Our Way’s communities of practice will now have automatic access - use your usual login to your community of practice online forum and have a look at the introduction to how to use the timebank. If you work within a VCSE organisation and are not a member of one of our communities of practice but would like to join Wellbeing Our Way’s timebank, please get in touch.