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Sean Phillips, Research Fellow, Policy Exchange and Robert Ede, Head of Health and Social Care, Policy Exchange

Reform for people - a joint vision for integrating care


Many of us will be watching closely as the NHS Bill begins its journey through Parliament and will be seeking to ensure that it meets the needs of the people we support. However, while the Bill represents an exciting opportunity, previous NHS reforms have taught us that legislation alone is not enough to improve people’s health and lives. For these reforms to be a success, and make a real difference to people and communities, we need to go further. We need to improve cultures, change behaviours, and capture hearts and minds.

Joint letter to the Prime Minister urging him to reconsider lifting virtually all infection control measures


On July 13 National Voices sent a joint letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson signed and endorsed by nearly 60 member organisations asking him to urgently reconsider the decision to lift virtually all infection control measures.

The letter said that to National Voices members it is becoming apparent that a sizeable proportion of the population may remain highly vulnerable to infection, and also to poor outcomes should they fall ill, and feel the government needs to urgently address very clearly the rights and needs of people who remain at high risk from the virus.

Paper Works: the critical role of administration in quality care


Administration is a gatekeeper and enabler for quality care; when these processes go wrong, the effects go far beyond mere inconvenience. Especially for people with substantial needs who rely on the functionality of health and care services for quality of life, administration not only cuts to the heart of their healthcare experience, but to their wellbeing and life more broadly, as outlined in this video

Ask How I Am: Supporting emotional health among people living with long-term conditions



Ask How I Am: Supporting emotional health among people living with long-term conditions has been coproduced by National Voices and Centre for Mental Health, with support from a range of long-term conditions charities.

Mental and physical health are closely related. People who live with long-term physical conditions are twice as likely to have poor mental health as those who do not. It is highly likely that this has increased further during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wed, 16 June 2021
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Launching the #AskHowIAm report and campaign calling for compassionate conversations for all people living with long-term conditions.
National Voices has been appointed to the Coordinator Role of the Health and Wellbeing Alliance from 2021-24.

The Alliance, which is funded by the Department of Health and Social Care, brings together 18 national voluntary, community and social enterprise sector organisations and three health system partners to coproduce health and care policies, and to shape service delivery.

It aims to...

As the leading coalition of health and care charities, it is the work of our 170 members that connects us to the experiences of millions of people, covering a diverse range of health conditions and communities. We are deeply troubled by the approach the Commission has adopted and the...


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