National Voices is a member of the Brexit Health Alliance.

Brexit Health Alliance - our five asks

The Alliance was established to make sure that the interests of those who use health services, as well as healthcare commissioners and providers, educators, researchers, and the healthcare industry are reflected in the negotiations as the formal process of leaving the EU gets underway. There are five key asks from the Alliance, which you can see above.

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Key briefings from the Brexit Health Alliance:

Briefing 1: Maintaining reciprocal healthcare for patients after Brexit

The first briefing explains what is happening in the Brexit negotiations, and what the implications would be if the existing reciprocal healthcare arrangements were to be discontinued post Brexit.

Briefing 2: Brexit and the impact on patient access to medicines and medical technologies

This briefing explores how UK and EU citizens could be affected by the disruption in trade that could result from the UK’s exit from the EU, as well as in the event of lack of cooperation in the regulation of medicines and devices between the EU and the UK post Brexit.

Briefing 3: The impact of Brexit: Patient access to medical research

This briefing sets out how patients across Europe have benefited from pan-European collaboration on medical research. It outlines what is at stake if this collaboration is set back and how UK and EU decision-makers can mitigate the risks.

Briefing 4: Protecting the public's health across Europe after Brexit

This briefing from the Brexit Health Alliance (BHA) and the Faculty of Public Health, a member of the Alliance, sets out how people across Europe currently benefit from the close collaboration between the UK and EU on public health, and proposes solutions to maintain and improve a high level of public health protection after the UK leaves the European Union.


Government confirms that Brexit will #donoharm to public health

National Voices signed a letter along with 39 other health and medical organisations, asking the House of Lords to protect the public’s health as we leave the EU by voting for a 'Do no harm' amendment at Report Stage of the EU Withdrawal Bill. As a result, during the Third Reading of the EU (Withdrawal) Bill in the House of Lords on 16 May, the UK Government confirmed that the ‘do not harm’ public health duty will remain after the UK leaves the European Union.

National Voices is proud to have been part of a coalition of 63 health organisations, led by the Faculty of Public Health, who have campaigned for this committment. Find out more on the Faculty of Public Health's website.