Experiences of administration in the NHS


The King’s Fund is undertaking a high profile project to document and better understand the impacts poor administrative practices have on people who use the NHS. They are working with National Voices on what we know about people who have more than one health problem, or use more than one service. We feel this work is well aligned with our strategic ambition to make more visible the work our members do, and to foreground user and patient experience in everything we do. The Kings’ Fund are also working with Healthwatch to talk to more sporadic users of services.

We will be working with our member charities to understand the impact of bad admin on the lives of those they work with and for. Many, if not all of our member charities will have people they work with and for who feel the impacts of poor administration on their lives. Lack of coordination, bad communication, bad processes and systems may especially impact those already managing long-term and complex health conditions.

We will be exploring:

  • What is poor administration?
  • How poor administration impacts people’s lives?
  • How patient experience of poor administration can be improved?
  • If charities are already providing solutions or services that help people cope with the impacts of poor administration (care coordination, care record summaries, advocacy, peer support, taking people to appointments etc.)

What we have planned

We are interviewing people with lived experience of bad administration in the NHS, through phone calls and surveys.

We  are running a workshop on 23 March which will build upon the findings from the interviews and explore how administration in the NHS might be improved. Attendees will be drawn from our member charities and people who have more than one health problem or who use more than one service who have lived experience of poor administration.

Our findings will be analysed and contribute to the King’s Fund’s report on the impacts poor administrative practices have on people who use the NHS, due this autumn.

Get involved

Please get in touch with ella.wright@nationalvoices.org.uk if you would like to field people for telephone interviews and to participate in our workshop, or to participate in our workshop yourself.