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Our Covid Voices is a new National Voices’ website where people in the UK can share their experiences of life under lockdown.

The arrival of the Covid-19 virus has made everyday life feel very different. Health and care services are being delivered differently, and many services have stopped altogether. Our ability to take part in our communities and to see friends and family is limited. Everything from food shopping, to home care, to doctors’ appointments has changed.

The media are mostly telling the stories of people who do not live their lives with additional challenges and conditions. But the voices of the many people who live with ongoing health conditions, ill-health or disability, have not been the focus of much of the national discussion. 

That’s why National Voices has created Our Covid Voices – to make it easy for people living with ongoing health needs to tell the world what life is like for them right now.

Share your experience

If you would like to share your experiences, please visit OurCovidVoices.co.uk. It is easy to contribute and you can share anything you want to.

How we will use people’s stories

National Voices will use the insight generated to influence national and local decision-makers. This will make it easier for them to develop policies and services that have a positive and tangible impact on people’s lives. The experiences shared on this website will help them get a clearer picture of what is happening now, and help us at National Voices make a better case for what needs to happen once this crisis ends. 

Things will be different than they are now. We want to make sure that they are also better.


Our Covid Voices has been created in collaboration with PPL and Ayup..