Letter to the Prime Minister on 'no deal' Brexit and health

People from across the health and care sector – including some of its most eminent figures – have delivered a sharp warning about the risks of a ‘no deal’ Brexit. Patient champions, carers, doctors, academics, and leaders of charities and professional bodies have signed a joint letter to the Prime Minister urging her to prevent the UK leaving the European Union without a negotiated agreement.

Letter to the Prime Minister on a long term plan for the NHS

The Prime Minister recently announced a long term plan for the NHS, acknowledging that the plans must join up with social care and public health.

National Voices has written a letter to the Prime Minister urging her to ensure that patients, carers, citizens and the voluntary sector are partners in the long term plan for the NHS. This will make sure that decisions are grounded in what matters to people and the diverse communities that rely on health and care services.

Joint UK-EU patient organisations letter to Brexit negotiators

Along with ten other organisations representing patients across the UK and Europe, National Voices has signed a letter warning EU negotiators of the risk of drugs getting stuck at borders, regulatory systems for medicines splintering and potential breakthrough research collaborations being forced to stall.

The letter to Brexit negotiators Michel Barnier and David Davis makes a plea to both sides of the negotiations not to forget about patients.

Letter to NICE regarding proposed changes to engagement in Health Technology Appraisals


National Voices, alongside 22 other organisations, has written to the chair of NICE, David Haslam, expressing concern about proposals to reduce the patient and clinician representation at Health technology Appraisal committee meetings, in the interests of efficiency.

The signatories call for a delay to consultation on the proposals to ensure proper engagement through the ‘Patients Involved in NICE’ group.


Letter to the Prime Minister

Leaders of 71 National Voices member organisations have signed a joint letter to the Prime Minister calling for a new settlement for funding health and care.

The signatories also call on the Government to reaffirm its support for the Five Year Forward View and to prioritise person-centred and community-focused approaches to health and care.

The signatories represent a broad range of health and care charities and supporters.

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