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Ask How I Am: Supporting emotional health among people living with long-term conditions



Ask How I Am: Supporting emotional health among people living with long-term conditions has been coproduced by National Voices and Centre for Mental Health, with support from a range of long-term conditions charities.

Mental and physical health are closely related. People who live with long-term physical conditions are twice as likely to have poor mental health as those who do not. It is highly likely that this has increased further during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recommendations for continued care and support of people who are clinically extremely vulnerable

In this statement, the Royal College of Physicians, Royal College of Emergency Medicine, Royal College of General Practitioners, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH), National Voices, Association of British Neurologists, British Association of Dermatologists, British Geriatrics Society, British Society of Gastroenterology, British Society for Rheumatology, British Thoracic Society and the Renal Association highlight challenges faced by both doctors and patients in identifying and reducing the risks associated with COVID-19 for these people.

Member briefing: Serious Shortage Protocols

In January 2019 the government made a change to the legislation that governs how pharmacists dispense medicines. This change comes into effect this Sunday 10 February 2019 and is applicable to both primary and secondary care. The aim of the change is to provide for any future situation where there is a serious shortage of a specific prescription medicine.

This briefing outlines what the Serious Shortage Protocols are, how they will work, their consultation process and emerging concerns.

MP Briefing on Brexit

National Voices is the coalition of 140 health and care charities in England, bringing the voice of patients, service users and carers to bear on national policy.

After working with partners on the implications of EU withdrawal for health and care over the last 18 months, and based on information from members who work with patients, service users, and the NHS and social care systems, National Voices is now calling on the UK government, working with parliament, to exclude the option of leaving the EU without an agreement.

Priorities for the plan

Now the NHS has turned 70, and with the Government preparing a long-term plan for the service in England, a broad range of leaders in charities and voice organisations have come together to offer our views on what should happen next to improve health and care – within the NHS and beyond.

IPC and Personal health budget support and development programme: Learning and next steps


Over a period of two years, National Voices, Volunteering Matters and NAVCA have worked with in nine areas of England to raise awareness of the importance of local voluntary and community organisations in the personalisation of health and care services, particularly their role in enabling people to access and make effective use of Personal Health Budgets (PHBs).

Person-centred care in 2017


Policy makers have been aspiring to a ‘patient-centred NHS’ in England for at least 20 years. Person-centred care has become an increasingly prominent stated ambition both of national policy and local practice.

What difference, if any, have these stated ambitions made to the experiences of people who need and use services and support? We wanted to know.

Personal Budgets as an integral form of NHS care: A discussion paper

This publication, created by National Voices, Shared Lives Plus, TLAP and In Control, outlines personal health budgets as an integral form of NHS care and an effective method of personalisation.

There is growing evidence that personal budgets can be an effective, valued and value for money mechanism to improve the quality of life of people with long term conditions, and their experience of care and support services. Despite this, some commentators have expressed concerns about the use of personal budgets within the NHS.


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