Discussion papers and reports

Not the Francis Report

National Voices released this report on Monday 15 October, when Robert Francis QC was due to publish a delayed report into failures at the Mid Staffordshire Foundation Trust in 2005-9. It calls for greater urgency in improving patient safety and care quality and warns of the risks of further patient safety issues arising while NHS planner and providers continue to “wait for further instructions”.

Changing care, improving quality

This report says rising demand and limited resources mean the reorganisation of services is essential for the NHS to remain sustainable and to continue providing safe, effective clinical care that meets patients' needs. It calls for meaningful engagement of the public, patients, politicians and health professionals in proactive, well-planned service changes, and highlights the highly influential role for clinicians in communicating a clear case for change.

Teeth in the NHS Constitution

National Voices used literature reviews and a comprehensive survey of patient groups and organisations to establish whether the right set out in the NHS Constitution - to receive clinically appropriate treatments that have been approved by NICE (the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) – is being delivered in practice. This report identifies a number of barriers and makes a series of recommendations.

Person Centred Care 2020

In this report, National Voices members describe how person centred care should look by 2020 and how to achieve it  They flag dos and don’ts for the next government and highlight the contributions that voluntary and community organisations can offer to achieve radical improvements in health and social care.

Person centred care ensures that people are partners in decisions about their health and care. It is fundamental to improving quality and making funding go further.  

How should we think about value in health and care?

This paper is a step towards creating a new articulation of value in co-production with other stakeholders, in order to achieve the wider Realising the Value programme objective of demonstrating the value of people and communities in their own health and care. The ideas set out in this paper will develop throughout the programme to underpin future activities and outputs of the programme.


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