Wellbeing Our Way

Wellbeing Our Way ran from June 2014 to June 2017. The programme brought together charities, community organisations and individuals to develop culture and practice across the voluntary sector, in order to enable people with health needs to live well in ways which matter to them.

Many of us are living longer, and more of us are living with long-term physical and mental health needs. Often our health and care systems aren't set up to support us in the ways we want, leaving us to fit in with the 'system' rather than enjoying the lives we want to live. Wellbeing Our Way was born from the belief that voluntary and community organisations, alongside people with long-term health needs, can play a powerful role in solving this problem.

During a time of increasing consensus that people and their communities need a new relationship with health and care services - one which recognises that people's own health goals are what count - Wellbeing Our Way supported charities and community groups to play a significant role in the ongoing shift to person-centred, community-focused care. We brought people together to build their knowledge, skills, confidence and motivation so they could develop person-centred approaches within their own organisations.

These webpages catalogue our learning from Wellbeing Our Way, and share the difference the programme made.